Black Armani Exchange Watch: Chronograph Collection

Existence of chronograph watches dates back all the way to the 18th century. However, chronograph watch only became popular few decades later after it was invented. At the beginning, chronograph watch found its modern use in the hand of King Louis XVIII. The king loved watching horse races and wanted to know exactly how long each race lasted. Chronograph watch has since become a commodity. Almost every watch maker offers chronograph watches in their collection. If you are intending to buy  Black Armani Exchange watch that comes with chronograph feature, here is the comprehensive list from their latest men and women collection.


If you are still wondering the quality of an Armani Exchange Watch, it all boils down to a simple conundrum. An Armani Exchange watch is big on style but small on substance. Hold your breath. I’m not saying that Armani Exchange watches are of poor quality. Of course you can expect a certain level of manufacturing quality. After all, the watch carries the A|X name on it. You can expect the watch that you bought to have passed certain level of quality assurance. What I’m saying is do not expect the most sophisticated or the best of watch technology to be found in an Armani Exchange watch. That said, you can expect a watch that keeps pace with the latest fashion trend. You can expect watch designs that evolve with other fashion line like clothings, handbags and shoes.

Below is a complete listing on the chronograph models that are available from AX watch collection for both men and women.


First of all, it is good to take note of the model serial number that is used for each Armani Exchange watch. Every serial number begins with the symbol AX, which obviously requires no explanation from me as to why it is so. The next three digits are used to uniquely differentiate each design from the rest. The last digit is used to differentiate the different color tones that are available for the specific design. As a whole, each AX watch is identifiable from its four digit model number.

For the men’s option, there are 4 unique chronograph designs among the Armani Exchange watch collection. They are AX1604, AX1610, AX2222, AX1513, AX1503.


In the AX watch collection for men, the chronograph options available are sufficiently many. They offer diverse range of design and color. For ladies, the options are limited. In the latest collection, there are only 4 chronograph models available for the ladies. If you have affinity for boyfriend watch, then you have a reason to rejoice. All the ladies’ chronograph options are boyfriend watches. This makes sense given that the space required to fit multiple chronograph sub-dials into the watch.

Armani Exchange has stop the production of chronograph in women’s watches

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