Curated list of Beautiful Michael Kors Tortoise Watch

Watches are a necessary addition to any sophisticated wardrobe, so the ability to choose a sophisticated watch to match a sophisticated personality is a necessary one. Here, we’ll take a look at the most popular Michael Kors tortoise watch models. Let’s get to it!



Top of my list of Michael Kors Tortoise Watch is the MK5039. The Michael Kors MK5039 is a striking gold watch made just to match business outfits of any sort. It’s a well-made watch with a metal frame, gold hands, gold time markers, and an easily adjustable silicone strap. The watch is light enough to be comfortable for long periods of time, but heavy enough to feel substantial on the wrist, as well. Ultimately, the MK5039 is one of the better deals out there for anyone looking for a solid women’s watch that fits just about any formal, semiformal, or business outfit.


Michael Kors MK5216 Chronograph Tortoise

The MK5216 Chronograph Tortoise watch is a very popular black Michael Kors watch. For those who think gold is too glitzy or silver is too cliché, watches like this one, which are black with gold accents, are the way to go. It features tortoise time markers, a gold frame, gold dials, and a chronograph, to boot. The MK5216 is fashionable, versatile, and guaranteed to last as long as you want it to.


Michael Kors MK5538 Stone Set Chronograph

The Michael Kors MK5538 is a beautiful ladies Kors watch with a rose gold and tortoise strap. This MK5538 watch is sure to attract attention the moment it is taken out of its stainless steel carrying case. The MK5538 features a chronograph, salmon dial, and a date window for extra functionality. The MK5538 is a heavy watch that’s not too uncomfortable, making it a favorite choice for sophisticated buyes and fashionistas alike.

Michael Kors MK5416 Chronograph Tortoise & Rose Gold

Michael Kors MK5416

The Michael Kors MK5416 is a unique looking watch with a crystal-encrusted dial, rose-gold hour markers and hands, three chronograph dials with 60 second, 60 minute, and 24 hour displays, as well as a date display for perfect timekeeping. The MK5416 is one of the more popular from the Michael Kors tortoise watch collection because of its unique look, water resistance to 50 meters, and decadent yet elegant design. Anyone looking for a versatile and long-lasting timepiece need look no further than the MK5416 chronograph – you’re bound to be happy with it.


Michael Kors MK5366 Showstopper

Fifth on my list of Michael Kors tortoise watch is the Michael Kors MK5366. The name of the MK5366 says it all – the Showstopper really is what it claims to be. It offers a crystal encrusted brown mother of pearl dial, tortoise colored time markers and hands, chronographs representing 60 second, 60 minutes, and 24 hours, and a tortoise shell strap that’s easily adjustable for just about any wrist size. The MK5366 is water resistant to 50 meters, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking it if it drops into the sink (or even the pool). The MK5366 is a favorite of those who wear darker colors or prefer black business wear, and is definitely a standout product of the Michael Kors tortoise watch line.

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