Black Armani Ceramica Watches

It is always great to know a bit more about the philosophy of a brand before committing yourself to buying any product. No other field is more applicable than the fashion industry. Do you know what makes Armani watches exclusive and highly desirable among watch seekers? I can only think of one and only one reason for this. The brand holds true to its brand philosophy. In Giorgio Armani’s words, all Armani watches (both men and women) have been designed for those who lead modern lifestyle and for those who are looking for fashion styles with casual sophisitication. Armani ceramica watches combine the best of watchmaking and style and are true testament to the brand philosophy.

Latest Black Armani Ceramica Watches for Men

I know you would definitely be curious to see what are the latest Armani ceramica watches that you can get hold of. If you cannot wait, go ahead and scroll down to find the newest black Armani ceramica watches available on sale. If you have few moments to spare, it would be good to know some basic information about this collection from Armani. Watches in Armani ceramica collection is not cheap, in fact they are priced higher than the entry-level models of Armani watches.

There is a good reason why Armani ceramica watches are pricey. All watches in this collection boast ceramic material. The use of ceramics in the field of watchmaking is not a new or breakthrough innovation. In fact, watches made of ceramic materials have been around for more than few centuries. However, it was exclusive only to few high end brands and ceramic watches were produced in limited quantity. The popular use of ceramic materials as watch case and bezel only became widespread quite recently. This is mainly due to maturing and less expensively available technology required to produce the high end ceramics to be used in watches. The Emporio Armani fashion empire started the Armani ceramica watches collection to take advantage of the availability of this technology.

If you are looking for Armani ceramica watches and not sure where to start, here are the latest models in black.

Emporio Armani Men’s AR1400 Dress Black Watch

Emporio Armani model AR1400 features black chronograph dial with silvertone Roman numeral hour markers, date function, logo and three subdials. The first subdial shows minute information. The second subdial displays 24-hour information and the third subdial presents seconds information. With its bold texture, this model has an extraordinary classic look in gleaming black ceramic with quartz chronograph movement. Available in the black ceramic bracelet, this watch is water resistant to 99 feet i.e. 30 meters. Having a luxurious appearance, this watch is perfect for those who love black watches. With an elegant black ceramic case and band, this watch may look like some sort of trendy wear but that’s not true. Instead, the watch can be comfortably worn in any informal or formal setting. This model is purely lightweight and its clasp is fantastic too. Imported and durable, this model has two year limited warranty.



Armani Valente Stainless Steel Men’s Watch – AR1465

Valente stainless steel men’s watch is a modernly sophisticated watch by Emporio Armani. This watch features an intricate titanium infused ceramic design with a multi-dial display of silver Roman numerals, date window and quartz chronograph. The round silver dial includes three mini dials. The first, second and third mini dial display minute information, 24-hour information and seconds information respectively. The date information on Valente model is settled between two of the mini dials on the right and leaned at 45 degrees. This model has stainless steel case with silver dial and silver-tone hands. With scratch resistant mineral crystal and deployment clasp, this model is purely timeless and can be used with any attire. Also, the Emporio Armani logo appears at the 12 o’ clock position. This model is powered by quality quartz movement and has two year warranty provided by Asurion, instead of the manufacturer. Moreover, this watch contains stainless steel bezel and fastens with a silver stainless steel bracelet.



Emporio Armani AR1451 Ceramica Black Chronograph Men’s Bracelet Watch

Model number AR1451 is a new interpretation of classic timepiece with matte and shiny finish lends rich texture and sleek stainless steel case. It is a ceramic bracelet watch with a bold silhouette. This premium watch has black ceramic round dial containing a triple chronograph details on the subdials. Also, this model features high visibility silver Roman numerals, date window detail, ceramic bracelet and quartz chronograph. With elegant appearance and classic design, this model exemplify style and reliability. Fastened with a black ceramic bracelet, this watch is powered by a chronograph quartz movement. The 12 o’ clock marker is striking Emporio Armani logo. Designed in all over black ceramic, this model is designed for the people who want to dress with a sense of casual sophistication. Moreover, this model is water resistant at depths of up to 30 metres.

Model No. AR1828

The first of the Armani ceramica watches line-up is the Armani AR1828. The AR1828 is definitely a class on its own. The bezel and bracelets of the AR1828 are made of ceramic materials. If you need to tell someone the biggest draws of your AR1828, it would be lightweight and expensive looking. The overall style of the AR1828 exhibits modern minimalist look with single black tone. The hands on the dial of the AR1828 are white.Its dial is Analog with Luminescent hands and markers.

Model No. AR1457

The AR1457 is an evolution from the AR1440 model. The AR1457 features largely similar design except that it is a chronograph watch. It has 3 subdials. The first subdial displays minute information. The second subdial displays 24-hour information and the last subdial displays seconds information. The date information on the AR1457 is tucked between two of the subdials on the right and slanted at 45 degree. If you are in love with the AR1440 but dread for its lack of chronograph feature, the AR1457 from the Armani Ceramica watches collection is probably just right for you.

Model No. AR1458

From the serial number, the AR1458 is neighbor to the the AR1457. This has fooled a lot of people into thinking that they are two of a kind and the AR1458 differs from the earlier model just in terms of colors. I was among this group too. But after looking at the AR1458 more closely, the two are worlds apart except the ceramic materials that both models are using. The AR1458 features accented bezel with Arabic numerals carved on the bezel. The dial surface of the Ar1458 is also different in that it is not the simple smooth plain dial used in the earlier model. The markers and indices of the two are also different. One thing to note is how the Emporio Armani logo is designed differently in AR1458.

Model No. AR1421

From one glance, the Armani AR1421 appear to be highly similar to the AR1458. But this is exactly what makes such fashion brands great. They incorporate minor tweak to the design to create a similar but distinct appeal to the consumers’ eyes. The AR1421 features flat bezel rather than accented bezel. One aspect that I found the AR1421 to be doing better is in the contrast of the markers against the face dials. The numeric markers and hands of the AR1421 are white, in perfect contrast to the black dial. One subtle difference between the two models is the absence of the ‘CERAMICA’ wordings on the AR1421. I’m not sure how important such detail is to you. To me, I’m sort of paying for the price of Armani ceramica watches with no official stamp on it.

Model No. AR1400

I’m not exactly sure why the word ‘CERAMICA’ was left out in the AR1421. You may argue that it might be due to space constraints. But I beg to disagree. Take a look at the AR1400 and they have all the means to fit the signature into the design. This is true even though the face design of the AR1400 is more packed. The AR1400 is a black chronograph watch using Roman numerals as the markers. The markers and indices of the AR1400 are white in color. One unique design that comes with the AR1400 is the black inner ring of the bezel.

Model No. AR1410

In terms of design, the AR1410 is identical in every aspect to the AR1400. From the bezel design to the bracelet. From the markers to the indices. The main difference found in AR1410 is in the color combination used. Instead of white, the AR1410 uses rose gold tone in every of its details. If you love black watches that stands out from the norms, the AR1410 is a great option. The rose gold tone is not only found in the markers, indices and hands of the watch. The same tone is used to style up the side buttons. This is definitely not for everyone, but a sure hit among rose gold lovers.

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