Casio Edifice Watches – The Best of Styles and Functions

Casio is known for innovation in the world of watches, both stylistic and functional. Unlike many watch manufacturers, who value one over the other, Casio has many lines in which both are made very top priorities. This means buyers of Casio watches can rock timepieces that both look stylish and do the job as well as it can be done. Casio Edifice is one of these lines. Featuring sleek color combinations, full suites of features, and the kind of design that makes everyone in the vicinity double-take, it’s hard to go wrong with Casio Edifice watches.


The Casio Edifice watches line is built upon a handful of core ideas. The first of these is efficiency. Edifice line of watches have extreme precision stopwatches. This allows for incredibly accurate time tracking. All Edifice watches feature solar-power technology. This advantage of this feature is two-fold. It helps in conserving the watch’s battery life and reduce environmental footprint at the same time. All the watches in Edifice family feature atomic clock synchronization. This means that you will always get the most precise time reading. Edifice watches are only ever off by spans of milliseconds, at most. Never more, but usually less.

The second fundamental idea behind Edifice watches is appearance. When you see one, you will be tempted to look at it again. That is a fact, and a consequence of the careful attention Casio has paid to the design process. Each Edifice watch comes in a sharp and sophisticated color scheme. This easily draws the attention to whoever is seeing it. The sharp design serves to make it easier for your eyes to find relevant information on the watch. This means you’ll be able to easily see the current time, day, date, and day of week. You can easily find the stopwatch at a glance. You can easily see all the gradations of a second the watch offers, down to 1/20th of a second on the stopwatch.

Casio Edifice india

The final idea that drove the development of the Edifice line was the idea that a watch should do everything you could possibly want a watch to do. And it should never fail when doing it. Aside from keeping near perfect time, the Edifice line also features an extremely accurate stopwatch. This is accomplished by having five separate motors to run five different time-keeping hands.

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The Casio Edifice watches come in two collections: black and silver. The difference between the two Casio Edifice watches collection is pretty self-evident. The former is based on a black strap and the latter, on a silver one.

Black line watches are not necessarily entirely black, however. Many black line watches, such as the EQS500CG-1A, feature red accents near the stopwatch buttons, red hands, and red numbers. The contrast of these colors is an attractive one, and almost always draws attention. Some black line watches, such as the EQWT720DC-1A, are entirely black, however, with silver hands for easy reading. Edifice Efr-539d-1a2vuef has a silver strap, its dial is very attractive due to bluishness in it.

The silver line typically features watches with silver straps and black hands, but there are a few watches (such as the EFR519-1A5V) that feature black straps with silver accents. Functionally, the silver and black collections are identical, but each watch in each line does offer minor performance features that the others don’t – some are optimized for diving, and others, for outdoor activities, but they are all excellent all-purpose watches that will do a great job in just about any context.

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