Behind the Popularity of Casio Illuminator Watches

How many times have you been in a dark place and when you tried to look at your watch, you realize that you can’t read the time because of the lack of light? It has happened to all of us before, including the engineers at Casio. The difference is when it happened to them, they were set on fixing the problem. This led to the development of Casio Illuminator technology. This technology makes it possible for users to to read the numbers on their Casio watches under any lighting conditions. Be it in places with no light or even too much light. This is due to the fact that the Casio Illuminator watches technology helps to stabilize the amount of light bouncing off the watch and made it into your eyes. This eliminates the relevance of darkness and glare all in one fell swoop.

What is Casio Illuminator?

Illuminator is an electroluminescence technology that enables watches to produce backlighting in response to an electric current or field. The precise details of this phenomenon are complex and involve some rather heavy-duty semiconductor science. To most laymen like us, basic understanding of it suffices. When some materials come in contact with electricity, that electricity imparts energy to the electrons in its atoms. When that energy is released, the atoms emit light. We see this as a glow. In the case of Casio Illuminator backlights, is bluish-greenish. Put more simply, pumping energy in and out of certain materials using your watch battery generates light. This in turn helps you see the numbers on the display.

The History

While the ability to backlight the numbers on a watch is commonplace these days, it wasn’t always so common a feature. This fact is interesting given the fact that reading watches in darkness has been a problem for hundreds of years. For whatever reason it may be, it wasn’t until the year 1992 that Timex first introduced their Indiglo backlight system. Soon after, Casio followed suit to develop their highly efficient Casio Illuminator watches system. The first Casio Illuminator watches were released in 1995. Casio, being the innovators they are, didn’t just start tacking the Illuminator onto any old watch right after they had ith. The first model to sport the Casio illuminator technology was a high-durability G-Shock watch. This strategy cemented Casio as the market leader. This strategy made them an exclusive provider of multifunction watches that are already known for their toughness and now with the then-new backlighting capability.

Illuminator and Your Wristwatch

Casio took advantage of this phenomenon by creating a ‘thin-film’, a material that responds with electroluminescence when exposed to a current. Developing such a material was not an easy feat. But once they have built it, they can use it at their disposal. After Casio got its hands on an effective thin-film, they put it on the backdrops of many watches where they could be activated at the touch of a button.

There is one small drawback that comes with the Casio illuminator watches technology. The film requires energy to illuminate. The energy is drawn from the battery. Therefore, if used constantly over a long period of time, it can be a drain to your watch. Because of this, you are recommended not to activate the backlight unecessarily or when you do not really need it. That said, watch batteries nowadays have such long lifespan and the drain is usually not noticeable among commoners like you and me. It is just something to keep in mind.

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