Casio Pathfinder Watches – For Your Active Lifestyle

Almost everyone knows what it’s like to take a tool they thought all-purpose out of the environment it was built for, only to find it fail when they needed it most. It happens all the time to those who hike, bike, swim, or climb frequently. Normal shirts aren’t sufficient. Normal pants don’t cut it. And the worst of all? Normal watches break down at the point when you expected them to work. Casio recognized this deficiency in current watch technology and addressed it with the release of their Casio Pathfinder watches collection, which features a variety of tools that more outdoorsy people will find they absolutely need.

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The Casio Pathfinder line of watches is based on the philosophy that explorers should be able to keep all of their tools in one place. To be exact, right on their wrists. As an explorer, you would expect those tools to be as reliable as the stars. This line of watches are all made to be impact and weather resistant to make all this possible. This means that no matter how hard you climb, how far you swim, or how hard you fall, your watch will keep on ticking. For those who like to live their lives as much as they can out in the great outdoors, this is essential – knowing the sun’s going to set in an hour can be the difference between getting home and spending the night in the woods, and is not a risk you’ll have to take with a Pathfinder watch.

Features of Casio Pathfinder Watches

Speaking of the importance of good time keeping, Casio has made absolutely sure that the numbers on your Casio watches will be accurate. This is no matter what you do. Many Casio Pathfinder watches feature atomic time. This simply means that they calibrate themselves automatically according to radio signals emitted by the world’s most accurate, government-calibrated clocks.

Casio Pathfinder watches offer a whole host of other features on top of its excellent time accuracy. These include an altimeter. Altimeter is the answer for hikers and climbers who want to keep track of where they are (and, in the extreme, this could work even for low-altitude skydives). Another feature of Casio Pathfinder watches is barometer. Barometer offers accurate weather forecasting capability. This is a feature that will come handy when you’re out on a camping trip and you did not have a weather radio with you. Then there is a compass, thermometer and automatic backlight. All watches are powered by solar cells that can charge your watch for up to five months at a time. Some models even feature a tide graph. This is a feature for people who find themselves frequently on the waves surfing or in their sailboats catching the wind.

Pathfinder Lines

The Pathfinder watches come in two different ranges. One is solar, and one is both solar and atomic. Either way, you get to enjoy a watch that charges its battery with ambient light. The solar/atomic models allow you to reap the benefits of near-perfect time, and is the recommended range for hikers. It is also recommended for those who often go out for extended periods of time in remote places. Both ranges feature the patented Triple Sensor technology. This technology allows Pathfinder watches to take extremely accurate measurements of altitude, air pressure, temperature, and other such phenomenon. This makes any Pathfinder watch a worthwhile investment for anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

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