Casio Watches Collection – Pioneer in Wristwatch Innovation

The fact that watches have been around for hundreds of years and only recently went out of style is sometimes hard to believe. These days, the only people who regularly wear watches are those of the previous generation. For the youth, watches are almost purely treated as fashion accessories. Even though perceptions regarding watches have changed in the past few decades, watch companies have seen all the trends come and go. They evolve with the market. They know what it takes both to design a watch and design a watch that sells and performs. Casio watches are among the industry’s best-selling. After all, Casio still retains its aura as market leaders and it has been innovating for more than half a century.

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Casio didn’t have its start in the business of watches. In fact, it didn’t have its start in electronics. The first product that bore the Casio name was a cigarette holder released in 1946. The product allowed its users to hold cigarettes and smoke them down to the filter. This freed up the smoking hand that can be used for other tasks. Later on, Casio branched out into calculators. They released the world’s first compact calculator in 1957. It was only in the 1980s that they started making Casio watches. Since then, Casio watches have built up a reputation amongst the most innovative wristwatches.

Casio brought much of what we consider the standard for watches. Many of the technologies we see today were first started by Casio. The use of quartz crystal in Casio watches was a Casio innovation, which has seen mass market adoption these days. Similarly for the ideas of multiple time-zone displays, on-board thermometers, altitude displays, GPS technology, and pressure readings. These technologies were first seen in Casio watches and only to be adopted in other watches later on.

The Modern Watch Market

These days, the brand’s best-known innovations have been its Casio watches. They were one of the first companies to produce extremely durable watches. One of them is the Casio G-Shock line. This line of watches can withstand hard shocks (such as drops or blunt strikes). While they were marketed primarily to the military and athletes, they have attracted outsiders who are impressed by the toughness and quality of G-Shock watches. Competing brands often claim to perform similarly to G-Shock watches, but they are merely followers trying to imitate the success of G-Shock. Casio watches are recognized as among the first to incorporate rugged wristwatches with stopwatch features, backlight, and accurate timekeeping.

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Casio Oceanus

The Casio Oceanus line is another of the brand’s notable innovations. It is an elite line of wristwatches among Casio watches. It comes with a number of high-class and high-quality features. Every Casio Oceanus watch is analog. Every Casio Oceanus watch features five separately running motors that keep track of seconds, minutes, days, hours, and weeks. Every Oceanus watch has the ability to automatically synchronize to the radio signals emitted by a government-calibrated atomic clock. Every Casio Oceanus watch comes with sapphire glass casing. Casio Oceanus watches were one of the first lines to feature such innovations rolled into one. Most high-end watches did not have the impact and scratch resistance offered by sapphire glass. Most high-end watches did not have the ability to synchronize to an outside signal prior to the release of Casio Oceanus wristwatches.

Casio Waveceptor

The Casio Oceanus is not the only radio watch Casio is offering. Another line is the Casio Waveceptor. The idea of radio watches incorporated into Casio Waveceptor watches is a remarkable one. Casio Waveceptor watches recalibrate themselves every day to a highly accurate time signal. Casio Waveceptor are never off by more than 500 milliseconds. This kind of accuracy was not common to the wristwatch market before the introduction of radio watches by Casio. This adds another crowning achievement of the company’s and the impressive line of Casio watches.

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