Emporio Armani Watches Collection – Modern with Casual Sophistication

The Armani brand empire is one of the best kept rag-to-riches story that I know of. The man behind the sprawling fashion empire is none other than Giorgio Armani. In him, we see a man driven by passion filled with ambition and unwillingness to compromise quality for anything else. Some may dislike his style and label him as a control freak. Such accusation is not without any base. After all, even with hundreds of sales outlet spread all over the globe and with billions of dollars in revenue generated each year (significant part coming from sales of Emporio Armani watches collection), the maestro is still unwilling to dilute his control over the business empire.

Given Armani status and brand strength, it would not be a problem at all to cash in on the IPO market. Yet, the maestro chose to keep Armani as a privately owned entity for the fear of losing control of the company that he is so passionate in. The design philosophy behind watches bearing the Armani brand is described as tilted toward modern lifestyle and made for those with a sense of casual sophistication. All watches from Emporio Armani (EA) embodies youthful spirit.


Inspired by the strong design philosophy of its founder, the Armani collection is divided into 4 distinct styles. The four distinguish members of the Emporio Armani watch collection are Classic, Sportivo, Donna and Meccanico. Each family is designed to be different from the rest. To know which collection fits you best, it depends on your usage pattern and lifestyle.

Classic collection

First of all, there is the Classic collection. Watches in this collection feature simple and classic designs with only the basic time-keeping functionalities. If you think that simple and classic is equivalent to old-fashioned with little appeal, then you are mistaken. I have seen all the watches under this collection. I would have to say that simple can indeed be beautiful and classic can indeed be cool and chic. You would still be spoilt for choices. There are models with either stainless steel band and leather straps. You can choose between round or rectangular casing. You have different casing sizes to go for, depending on your personal preference and wrist size. However, be warned not to expect anything more than the basic watch functionalities (time and date).

Sport collection

Second, there is the Sport collection. By its name, one can implies the kind of lifestyle and usage watches in this category are designed for. If you need a watch to project classy but yet sporty look (say for your regular golf games), then you should take a look at the Armani Sportivo collection. Watches in this category are available in few elegant and sporty colors. In addition, you have different casing shapes to choose from. Some models feature round casing, while some feature oval casing. Some models come with stainless steel bracelets and some with leather or rubber straps. The choice is entirely yours to make. If you are into less strenous type of sports (such as golf), then you would likely find those with stainless steel bracelets to be suitable for your needs. But if you are into more strenous type of activities, stainless steel models might not be good for you. Remember that while stainless steel is rust-resistant, it is not rust-proof and it does not go well with human sweats. If you are into professional sports, I would say Armani watches might not be the best pick. The reason is simply because they are no more than fashion watch even when they are classified as sport watch. If you are seriously into sports, brands like Casio and its G-Shock line of watches would still be the best option to go for.

Donna collection

Third, there is the Donna collection. This is supposed to be the trendiest of all the four. Watches belonging to this family are usually distinguishable from their bold and striking design. The casing of Armani Donna are usually simple. The bold design is usually seen in the watch straps. From black and white chess-board pattern to flower-decorated leather straps. These are just some of the unique designs that you can expect from this collection.

Meccanico collection

Lastly, there is the Meccanico collection. This is supposed to be the most technically sophisticated of all the four collections. Watches in this category usually features more advanced functionalities such as automatic and chronograph capabilities. You can only find stainless steel or leather strapped watches among the Meccanico collections. For ladies, you might be left largely disappointed as there are not many watches in this family that are designed for women.

In summary, I should say watches from Armani are great if you are looking for a watch that is highly fashionable and affordable that is associate with the luxury image. However, even when there is the sport collection to choose from, you should take it with a pinch of salt. If you are into serious sports, EA watches are not what you should consider. If you are into serious watch sophistication, they are far from the best brand to go for.

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